Sensational Showers

Luxury and comfort describes these sensational showers and shower heads.  Here are some of my favorites:

Where are the curtains?

I found the picture below on  I love the shower heads!

This picture was found on on this website  It's a shower with a unique look.

Here's classy bathroom worth talking about.  For more see this site:

I got this showhead on  It's a unique piece... a shower head and a shelf too! Ever see this before?



This shower shown below is the most fancy. For more details about this shower visit:  It has a great look!

Can anyone say rain!

More rain, with some from the side too! Simple, yet very luxurious.  This shower head can be found at

This picture comes from  Two heads are better than one!

The shower below is constructed by Boga Contractors.  I love the arch. and the multiple shower heads.  A very nice look right?

This is the Body Spa Shower by Kohler, found on This cover the whole body.

This one from is modern, and high class.  You like?


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