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Best high pressure shower heads create a powerful shower. This high flow shower head improves low-flow and helps fix low water pressure. The best shower head performance.

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Best shower head high pressure flow.High Pressure, High Volume, High Flow!

The Best High Pressure Shower Head




The Best Shower Head You've Ever Owned

The Best Thing
Since Niagara Falls!

Have you been trying shower head after shower head and can't find one that's any good?

Do they all seem to work like a plant mister, or worse yet, produce only a slight trickle? 

How can anyone rinse that soap off or get that shampoo out of their hair without spending an hour in the shower?

Mechanical mathematical roulette system.If you have been searching for the perfect shower head that really works and does what a showerhead should do, then look no further.  Your search is finally over!

I Have It
This is the one!

 Introducing . . .

Because life is too short for long lousy showers

  • Nothing wakes you up more or starts your day better than a good hot shower

  • Steamy hot water with a robust forceful spray gets your blood flowing and makes you feel alive, fresh & clean!

  • From now on you will be able to start your day feeling right, feeling ready, feeling clean, fresh and alive!

     Not Available in Any Store    

  • Power ShowerHigh Pressure!

  • High Volume!

  • High Flow!

Pay more $$$ elsewhere and you will spend too much!                

Pay less $$$ elsewhere and you won't receive total gratification!  

Shower Heads Just Don't Get Any Better Than This!

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After you install my Super Power High Pressure Shower Head you will thank yourself each and every time you take a shower.



This is not just another ordinary shower head!

My Super Power High Pressure Shower Head has been specially precision machined to allow water blast through each of its 34 holes!  No matter what your water pressure is, my high pressure shower head will make the best of what pressure you have and is guaranteed to be a huge improvement over any shower head you are now using!

Now you can take a shower up to five times faster!

Research & Testing

I've spent a great deal of time researching shower head performance.

So what makes a great high pressure shower head? Not a high price. Not a "status" name. Definitely not whooshing air or some "new technological breakthrough". What matters is excellent stream control, the right number of streams, and an internal design which minimizes blockages.

My research determined that these three factors determine if
a shower head will provide a comfortable, powerful spray:

1) Stream Integrity:  Does the stream remain consistent at all water pressure levels providing a precise, uniform and symmetrical flow?

2) Flow Efficiency:  How much of the water supply pressure gets effectively converted?  Does the shower head convert all the available water supply pressure into shower head pressure? This is particularly important in low water pressure areas.

3) Spray Dispersion:  Is the spray too focused, producing only a small stream, or is it a nice full body wide-angle stream?

An objective testing criteria was created based on these three factors.

Almost all shower heads scored a
Pressure Rating in the
50s or 60s.
The lowest score was

The Super Power High Pressure Shower Head
scored the highest Pressure Rating: 


Best shower head. High pressure showerhead.


You will experience the sensation
of a shower like no other!

This will be the best shower experience of your life.  It will give you a high pressure, high flow tingling spray massage and will literally make your shower curtain flap in the breeze!

It has an excellent full body adjustable spray pattern about the width of your tub or shower stall and it swivels too!

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Ten Year Warranty

Free thread sealing teflon tape & simple, easy-to-understand 
installation instructions included with every showerhead! Fits all standard size shower outlets.

Installs in about a minute!

The best shower head performance.                             Most Recent Unsolicited Emails

"I paid $50.00 from your competitor and it sucked. I paid much less for yours not expecting much and it blew my mind. Great job. You made my day!!!"

Richard Ralph

"Have the shower head - love it!!  Just wrote my 9 brothers/sisters and parents to let them know of it in case they need one.  Thanks so much"
Mark & Katie Gavin

"You are now like a God in my world.  Thank you."
Jason Johnson

" ... your shower rocks!!! "
Melvin Malapitan

" ... AMAZING SHOWERHEAD ... I can't cope with having mediocre showers anymore, thanks ever so much."
Sam Langley
Treorchy, United Kingdom

"I received my shower head today and it is wonderful."
Michael St. Julien

"I really enjoy it.  I would like to purchase 3-6 additional shower heads.  Thank you for your wonderful product."
Jason U.

"The shower head beats my old Moen very easily. Thanks a lot."
Adil Anjam        

"I'm so impressed with this product I am ordering a second one for the other shower in my home.
This shower head performed much better than I expected!"
Dan Bartholomew

"I just spent $445 with plumbers as our master shower had such pathetic flow.  After all this money, there was no increase whatsoever.   I hated getting up in the morning facing that worthless waterflow!  I bought your showerhead and the results are incredible.  Talk about instant gratification! Thank you very much."
Dr. Jay

"The shower head is TRULY the best we have had in 21 years.  I just ordered another one for our other shower.  Thanks."
George Oliver

"Loved your product.  It is the best."
Holli Epstein
"... I woke up this afternoon, took a shower with my lame, old, trickle shower head thinking "I hope my new shower head arrives soon and I REALLY hope it works as well as advertised". I ran out to do some errands and checked my mail on returning home and lo and behold, my new shower head had arrived. After reading the instructions/insert that came with the shower head, I hooked it up. Turned on the shower and HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES.  The funny part is, I'd just taken a shower less than 2 hours prior but just HAD to take another one to test my new toy. It was FANTASTIC!!! I wanted to write and say Thank You!!! ... you have a lifetime customer, Sir!!!!"
Shane Manuele

"I own 2 in each bathroom and I'm very pleased.  Bragged to Mom and Mom-In-Law"
Anthony Nickles

"I was skeptical about your shower head after trying a half dozen others but I've got to say this thing really works. The shower hasn't been this good since we had to remove the original shower head. Thanks for the prompt service too."
John Slezak

"... I got the showerhead and love it. Big improvement over my old one and I will telling as many people as I know about it. Low flow seems to be a common problem in my subdivision and I'm sure my neighbors would like to know about it."
Michael DiMatteo

"... I love it so much!!  Now I am buying one for my family for Christmas.
Moukda Afshar

"... My Fiancé now refuses to take a shower anywhere but in the shower with your showerhead.  She actually used to come over to my house just for the shower.  When we moved into our new house, the showerhead was the first thing she put up.  The three I'm ordering now are for my mom.  She came down to visit us and now wants them for her house.  Thanks again!"
Jason Johnson

"I am a happy repeat buyer.  Love the last one. 
 The kids are forcing me to buy them one.  Thanks.
Greg White

"Thank you for the showerhead!  ... it is awesome."
Amy Martel
I replaced one at my girlfriend's house that was a pretty low pressure situation - what a difference!  There's nothing more wrong than a disappointing shower, and you helped me correct that. Thanks again."
Jeff Baird

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"thank you for such a great and simple product. It does one thing and it does it VERY well. Flow the water with great pressure. Exactly what I needed. Also thank you for the super fast delivery!!"
Kevin Zia

"Thank you so much for extremely prompt delivery to the UK of your shower head which performs exactly as advertised – I am most impressed – you should charge more!!"
Nick Paterson-Morgan

"I was skeptical, and am glad to admit I was wrong! Well worth the money. Great shower!"
Alan Anderson

"Yes, this truly is the best showerhead EVER. I had to shower in the kids' bathroom for a week and my hair felt & looked gross! That was with the THIRD shower head I've installed in 6 years. We call yours "the fire hose". I'm so jealous I want to put one in my own shower now!"
Jamie Loonam

"Holy Cow!!!  I just received your Shower Head in the mail (it got here quicker than I expected) and installed it right away, which took less than five minutes. Wow, was I blown away. This thing worked better than I expected. Even my wife was left speechless (an added blessing). We both jumped in and really enjoyed the hard hitting, powerful spray. For years I have searched for such a shower head. THIS IS IT!  Compared to this one, all previous heads can only be described as leaks! Thanks a lot."
Greg Simms

"Just received the shower head and we love it!"
Judy Offman

"Took a shower .... Best one I ever had taken! It's by far in one word FANTASTIC ! PERRRRRFECT ! STUPPENDOUS ! better yet -

Dan Kozlow

"Hi there, showerhead arrived this morning [much sooner than expected] and after buying at least 20 different heads in the last 10 years [some very expensive] have finally found one that performs how I wanted. GOD BLESS AMERICA!  Thank you"
Barry Ward

"When I got my new shower head, I just shook my head...looked exactly like the new low pressure one I was given by my landlord....oh well, what can you expect from the 'net, I thought....rooked, ripped off, taken advantage of..live and learn. Then I put it on... OMG... PRESSURE.... I love it so much I just went and ordered another one just in case my landlord confiscates this one, or something happens to it -- can NOT live without it.  My problem before used to be staying in the shower too long trying to get soap off me and to try and create the impression I had a shower. Now my problem is staying in too long because it feels so good - a real, honest to goodness shower, with pressure - thanks so much!! I bless you and your shower head every time I take a shower- You have brightened all my mornings -thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
Sue Collins

"I purchased your showerhead hoping for great results.  Well you delivered.  I have not had such a wonderful shower in years. Thank you so much.  It is a absolute joy to experience that type of water flow."
David Garcia

"... it is everything you promised.
 Thank you very much and I will spread the word."
Nicholas Belmont

"I ordered another head for my 2nd bathroom.  They work great! "
Phillip Rahm

"OMG!!!!  I am amazed!  I am thrilled with the shower again!  You have a fantastic product and I will send all my friends to your web site!"
Elizabeth Anderson

"I am really looking forward to this shower head.  My friend received his 2 days ago, and he said it was the best shower he has had in his life!"
Andrew Cloutier

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"My goodness, that's the best shower I've had in 20 years.
 Your shower head is magic."
Mary Carol Jerram

"... I am a big fan of your showerhead as mine works very well and I highly recommend it to people that I know.... thanks again for a quality showerhead."
David Martin

"Hello Mr. Master Shower Head...two days ago I ordered a shower head from your company, this is after buying four different ones from economy type to expensive models....they were all JUNK...last night I installed your unit and immediately took a shower, I have to tell you that your unit is the very best, I will be ordering more units for my other bathrooms and for my relatives in Mexico.  Keep doing your research and producing products that are out of the ordinary, the items sold at hardware stores and home improvements centers are plain junk, they have nice packages but they have zero performance.  Congratulations you have a winner, I will tell all my friends and relatives about your product."
Cesar Cervera

"I'm back for more!  You are the greatest!"
Robyn Slikker

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the new shower head. Have told family about it and they will be purchasing soon!  Thank you!!"
Kim Mock

"Got it...installed...love it!  Thanks!"
Kenneth Flask

"Bravo!  Wow, what a shower!"
Greg Travis

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          Ten Year Warranty           

Nothing refreshes, rejuvenates, and relaxes like a truly fine shower. My Super Power High Pressure Shower Head can help you enjoy life to the fullest A luxurious world class super power shower at a very affordable price!A powerful high flow shower head that gives you the best shower performance possible.

  • Perfect for rinsing shampoo out of long hair.

  • Makes the most out of timed showers.

  • Wonderful for sore muscles.

  • Order extras to take with you on business trips, vacations, or wherever you may go!

  • Ships to anywhere in the world.

  • Not available in stores. Family owned & operated. This is the best high pressure, high volume, high flow showerhead sold - why settle for less?

My Super Power high-pressure shower heads make great gifts for all occasions. The recipient will thank you every time they take a shower!

One Full Year
Double Your Money Back Guarantee

To increase your confidence, I am PayPal Verified and offer a 100% risk free guarantee!  In fact, I will give you double your money back with  no strings attached!

If your new shower head is not as described, you may return it at any time within one full year and I will happily refund double your purchase price including the original shipping and handling charge!  Plus, if your showerhead is ever damaged/defective, I'll replace it free for the next 10 years!

Why do I offer this incredible
double your money back guarantee?

Because I believe once you try my Super Power High Pressure Shower Head you will never want to go back to a long lousy shower ever again!  You honestly won't know how you showered without it for so long!

Join others and see for yourself what makes mine the best performing shower head you can buy.

What have you got to lose?

Order Now, Risk-Free with my
double your money back guarantee!

Ten Year Warranty

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